structural engineering

When it comes to advancements in technology it is no news that this world is ever changing and that is even so when it comes to the buildings that we reside in for work and home. When it comes to advancements in mechanical engineering and architectural design the proof of it is everywhere and is obvious in any direction that you look. When it comes to the design of the building itself you can clearly see the style changes as time passes which help with certain things such as aesthetics. But there are other factors to the design in which are new for southern homes, all the houses now have to pass certain regulations for hurricanes which is an advancement there as they are made to be able to withstand the high winds and rain of a hurricane without it causing any damage to the home unless something else like a tree falls on which is something that they can make the house strong but nothing is perfect.

skyscraperFor other areas like California where they have to worry about earthquakes the homes and large buildings are now being made to have some give to them to allow them to move with an earthquake instead of crumbling every time one comes by. This advancement helps tremendously as it prevents a lot of loss for people both emotionally and financially allowing the city to be more economically and physically stable and for people to feel safer and actually be safer as they won’t have the building collapsing on them and won’t have their lives in danger every time that an earth quake shakes beneath their feet.

Of course then there are other aspects of buildings that have gotten advancements throughout the years. Much of the other advancements with buildings come from the mechanical design of the buildings. The HVAC system is a huge advancement as it take care of heating and cooling the building but now does so much more. The new HVAC systems now not only cool and heat the buildings by setting but they also control the quality of air that the building has.

The HVAC system can tell what pollutants are coming in and can effectively filter them out so the air indoors is clean and fresh which also helps remove odors and helps those with allergies breathe better and safer as they are not breathing in the pollutants that are outside or even those that are indoors.Other advancements that help keep people safe and breathing clean air is commercial hood exhausts as they can effectively filter out and remove the smoke from a cooking area so one can see better and breathe while cooking effectively. The exhaust also helps filter out odors and thus is a great way to get rid of the smells of greasy or fish smells while still in the process of cooking.

hvac system

Of course then there is medical gas piping which is new as it is a much safer piping for the gas and thus less gas leaks happen each year and when they do because of the monitoring system on it we can be aware of what is going on before it has any negatively effects on people. Overall there are many many advancements that are taking place with buildings right now both inside and outside the building. Most of the advancements are focused on safety making them important and notable.

Because even though we may not think about it on a daily basis without such advancements our world simply would not have as much peace of mind with everything around it nor would it be able to maintain health as it has.